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Participant Tools

  • Run to Quit Checklist

    Run to Quit has many steps to ensure you are successful in the program. We created this handy dandy checklist so you can track what you need to do and check off your success along the way.

    Find the checklist that is associated with the date you registered, print it off, put it on your fridge, at your desk, on your night table (somewhere you will be reminded to look at it every day) and check off your progress! When you complete different milestones, you will be entered to win some prizes.

    Note: When you register for a Training Program, your group might set a different quit date and walk/run event date. That’s okay! As long as the dates are before the deadlines below, you are well on your way and will be eligible for some prizes.

  • Athletes Dashboard

    Once registered for a Run to Quit Training Program, you will have access to the Running Room dashboard. The dashboard will give you access to pace calculators, discussion forums and your own personal on-line training log.

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  • Run Club

    All Running Room locations host free weekly practice run/walk and you are invited to join us! Practice is absolutely open to all runners and walkers as we send out multiple groups under the leadership of pace group leaders. You can take advantage of running or walking with a group and meet new friends. Join us for the fun and motivation!

    When: Wednesday evenings 6.00  or 6.30 by location (please contact your local store for times) & Sundays all locations at 8:30 a.m.

  • Quit Smoking Lines

    Once you’ve registered, you will be contacted by the Quit Smoking Line in your province to give you extra support on your quit journey. A quit coach will be available to you for additional support.

    Quit Coaches provide non-judgemental and personalized support to help smokers and other tobacco users quit successfully. You can reach your provincial Quit Smoking Line at any time by dialing 1-866-366-3667 or the number on cigarette packages. All Quit Smoking Line services are available free of charge!

  • Quit Aids

    Pharmacological treatments help reduce cigarette cravings and withdrawal symptoms experienced when stopping smoking. They can significantly increase your chance of success, particularly when used in combination with smoking cessation support such as the one offered by the Quit Line coaches. Talking about it with your doctor or your pharmacist will help you make the best choice for you.

    To stop smoking, three types of medications have been proven effective:

    Nicotine Replacement Therapies (NRTs)
    NRTs are offered in different forms: patches, gums, lozenges, inhalers and mouthsprays. They reduce smoking cravings by delivering controlled doses of nicotine to your body and gradually reducing those doses over time.

    Varenicline and buproprion tablets
    Typically known respectively as Champix and Zyban, these medications don’t contain nicotine but act on brain areas that are usually stimulated by nicotine. They are only available by prescription.

    Run to Quit recognizes that Quit Aids are important and can help you quit smoking for good. Participants are allowed to use these medications during the contest period. When you register, you will receive a $10.00 discount coupon to use for either Nicorette® or Nicoderm® products.

    To learn more about Quit Aids, you can read the One Step at a Time Guide (Chapter 2) or talk to your pharmacist of health care professional.

  • Readings

    Whether you want to quit, want to help somebody quit, or just want more information - start here. These free guides have been reviewed by independent experts and are based on the best available science about quitting smoking

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    Share your stories, tips, struggles, accomplishments. Your voice is very powerful in helping others be successful in taking control of their health.

    Change your status:
    A great way to hold yourself accountable is to tell as many people as you know that you are quitting smoking and learning to walk or run 5 km. Update your status and let your friends and family know that you joined #RuntoQuit.