Run to quit

About Run to Quit

Run to Quit helps smokers quit smoking by learning to walk or run 5 km! Run to Quit is a partnership between Canadian Cancer Society and Running Room Inc with funding by Public Health Agency of Canada. The program is for all fitness levels and our simple step by step approach makes it easy to quit smoking by being more active. Walking and running can help cope with discomfort and cravings while cutting down and quitting. Run to Quit is being studied by researchers from the University of British Columbia for its potential as a chronic disease prevention program. All program participants are encouraged to provide information and feedback to help make the research project successful.

Run to Quit has two ways to participate: Participants can join the Do it Yourself Program OR get extra support by participating in a Run to Quit Training Program. When participants register & quit smoking for 5 weeks, they can win $1000! (see terms and conditions for full contest details)

Terms and Conditions

Two ways to participate:

  • Do it Yourself:
    Participants will receive quit smoking resources and support from our National Quit Smoking Line.
  • Run to Quit Training Programs:
    The Run to Quit Training Program will provide participants with coaching and support from a Running Room Leader and the National Quit Smoking Line. There is the option to join the 10 week Virtual Training Program or the 10 week In-Store Training Program hosted at a local Running Room. Your Running Room Leader will provide a simple step by step approach to walking or running 5 km and will provide quit smoking support. Participants do not need to be a runner or be in shape to join and the Running Room Leader will support and adjust the program to meet their personal needs.

Quit Line Support:

When registering for the program, participants will receive a call from the National Quit Smoking Line and an expert quit coach will support them and answer any quit smoking questions they might have.

How it works?