Benefits of the Walk or Run to Quit Program

We ALL know that being active and living a smoke-free life has tons of health benefits. Everyone wants to be healthy, disease free and be able to play with their kids and grandkids without getting winded. We recognize that starting a new exercise program and quitting smoking is not easy but Walk or Run to Quit works and can help you be your healthiest self!

Here are the reasons Walk or Run to Quit can help you get active and quit smoking for good:

Physical activity helps with cravings & withdrawal symptoms:

Exercise reduces cravings, helps manage withdrawal symptoms and inspires people to attain better health. Many people struggle with withdrawal symptoms and cravings. We KNOW cravings are frustrating and are difficult to overcome. Walk or Run to Quit will give you tools and resources to overcome these cravings and withdrawal symptoms that are proven. Exercise in itself is actually a natural way to reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms making them easier to manage and conquer!

Helps control weight gain:

A big reason many people do not want to quit smoking is the concern they will gain weight. Walk or Run to Quit allows you to offset weight gain by starting a new exercise program. Several of our Walk or Run to Quit participants have struggled with weight and were reluctant to quit smoking. They were pleasantly surprised that at the end of the 10 week program, they were able to quit smoking, did not gain weight and actually lost some pounds along the way!

We have a plan:

We have asked many of our Walk or Run to Quit participants what helped them succeed in the program and they said it was because Walk or Run to Quit had a plan. During the 10-week training program you will be introduced to your plan and will be provided with helpful information on running techniques and quit smoking tools. Your leader is there to answer questions to support your training and direct you to evidenced based resources for quitting smoking. We don’t have you jump blindly into running or quitting smoking; rather, we get you prepared to safely take the next steps. Like most things in life, planning and preparation will increase your odds of success.

The program works:

After a very successful pilot in 2012, the program received funding from the Public Health Agency of Canada to scale up across Canada from 2015-2018 where the Walk or Run to Quit program had continued to show very good results as evaluated by University of British Columbia researchers. For more details see EVIDENCE section.