Run to quit

Friends and Family

While most smokers wish they were smoke-free, quitting smoking is difficult. . As much as you would like to make a friend or family member quit smoking, the decision must be their own. Although you can’t make someone quit, there are things you can do to support them through their quit smoking journey.

Be a Quit Buddy:

Quit Buddies …can be a very helpful part of the quitting process of the quitting process. A Quit Buddy is a friend or family member that will be an additional support in the quit smoking process. You can be a quit buddy by:

  • Joining Walk or Run to Quit together
  • Be a part of your friends daily support system
  • Take part in the graduation run

For information on how you can be a Quit Buddy, you can call the National Quit Smoking Line at 1-866-366-3667. We also have a great online guidebook that can help you support someone else in their quit attempt called One Step at a Time Guide: Help a Smoker Quit. This free guide has been reviewed by independent experts and are based on the best available science about quitting smoking

Walk or Run to Quit Together:
Last year, many participants had their friends and family members join Walk or Run to Quit with them to be their support. Even if you aren’t active, you can join Walk or Run to Quit and learn to walk or run 5 km and be a Quit Buddy to your friend at the same time.

Do you want to be a Quit Buddy? Register for Walk or Run to Quit!