• What is Walk or Run to Quit?

    Walk or Run to Quit helps smokers quit smoking by learning to walk or run 5 km! The program is for all fitness levels and our simple step by step approach makes it easy to quit smoking and take up a new healthy physical activity program. Walking and running can help cope with discomfort and cravings while cutting down and quitting.

  • I am not a Runner. What if I can’t keep up?

    Walk or Run to Quit is for people of all fitness levels and you do not need to be a runner to participate. The Running Room has a simple step by step approach that makes it easier to learn to walk or run 5 km. Your Leader will always be there by your side to support you. The program builds up your endurance very slowly and safely. You really can do it! Register here.

  • Can I compete in a walk or run event longer than 5 km?

    Totally! To find a walk or run event near you, click here.

  • How do I enter Walk or Run to Quit?

    To register for a Walk or Run to Quit Virtual Training Program, click here

  • Need help registering?

    If you need help to register, you can call the Running Room toll-free at 1-800-419-2906 extension 9237.

  • How do I know that you got my registration?

    You will be sent a confirmation of your registration to the email address that you provided. The email should arrive within 24 hours of registering. It is possible that our email could go to your junk mail or get blocked by a spam filter. If you do not receive an email, you can confirm that you are registered, by calling the Running Room toll-free at 1-800-419-2906 extension 9237.

  • How much does it cost?

    The cost of the 10-week, coach-led training program is relatively small compared to the health benefits gained and the cost of cigarettes. If you smoked a pack a day and quit smoking, you will save almost $400 a month! Here is the cost of Walk or Run to Quit training program:

    Virtual Training Program: $49.99 + tax

  • What if I use other forms of commercial tobacco (e.g., vape, chew, cigars/cigarillos, waterpipes)?

    This program can support all commercial tobacco users develop new habits and cope with discomforts and cravings associated with quitting.

  • Can I do the Virtual Training Program in less than 10 weeks?

    The Virtual Walk or Run to Quit Training Program is build at a gradual pace to ease into physical activity and stop smoking techniques. The program is designed to take 10 weeks. Each week you will receive information on your account page with information for that week about quitting smoking and walking or running.

  • What if I don’t quit?

    Quitting smoking often takes several quit attempts. If you don’t quit after the 10 week program we encourage you to use the information and resources you have gained to try again when you’re ready!

  • What happens with the information I provide?

    The information you provide is totally confidential. We only use it for the purpose of administering the program, in accordance with the Canadian Cancer Society privacy policy. You can find the policy on our website, or by emailing privacy@cancer.ca, or by calling toll-free 1-888-939-3333, extension 2257.

  • Do I need my doctor’s permission?

    Before starting any fitness program, it is advised that you let your health care provider know. Signed permission forms are not required.

  • Can I use vapes/e-cigarettes?

    Health Canada has legalized the sale of e-cigarettes with nicotine so that e-cigarettes would be accessible as an option for smokers looking to quit. E-cigarettes are less harmful than conventional cigarettes, but e-cigarettes remain harmful. Studies on the long-term risks of e-cigarettes have not yet been done.

    Smokers who have tried other methods to quit but have not succeeded could try e-cigarettes. If it helps them stay off cigarettes, individuals unable to quit completely would be better off from a health perspective to use e-cigarettes on a longer-term basis, if needed. Available research indicates that people should completely stop smoking to realize the comparative health benefits from using e-cigarettes. The best approach would be to quit altogether, with behavioural support or cessation aids or both increasing the chance of success. E-cigarettes should not be used by youth, by non-smokers, or by ex-smokers who have quit altogether.

  • How can I bring Walk or Run to Quit to my community?

    Contact us if you are interested in bringing Walk or Run to Quit to your workplace, community or health center.
    Email us at runtoquit@cancer.ca or call Terri Schneider, Senior Manager (Acting) at 519-878-5438

  • More questions?

    We’re here to help! Please email us at runtoquit@cancer.ca or call Terri Schneider, Senior Manager (Acting) at 519-878-5438