Jason Summers


St. John’s Run to Quit Participant

Jason Summers had been smoking a pack a day for 27 years. He always knew he wanted to quit smoking but his recent divorce has given him the extra motivation to make some positive life changes.

Jason came across the Canadian Cancer Society’s Run to Quit program being hosted at St. John’s Running Room and knew this program would be the positive change he needed. Run to Quit incorporates learning to run or walk 5 km while at the same time quitting smoking.

The Run to Quit program was pivotal in helping Jason quit smoking. His coach and the group support were key but the component that helped him the most was the simple step by step plan. “Run to Quit provided me with a structure and a plan” Jason recalls, “My coach gave me a schedule so I knew exactly what I needed to do and my plan kept me accountable to learn to run and to quit smoking.”

Jason reminisces about his favourite part of the program. “I love the feeling you get after you run. It feels so good to be pushing your body to do something positive. I have never exerted myself like this since high school and it feels good to challenge your body.” He also has found an extra perk. “Since quitting smoking, I am saving almost $400 a month from not buying cigarettes. I have been using my savings on extra home improvements.”

Jason quit smoking on May 8th, 2016 and completed the Run Canada Day 5K in under 27 mins. His 5 year-old son also joined him and ran the 1 km fun run. Run to Quit has helped Jason be a more positive role model for his two sons and has taken positive steps in his own life by quitting smoking and getting active.