Louise Wagar

Chilliwack, British Columbia

Virtual Training Program Participant

At 55 years old, Louise Wagar of Chilliwack, British Columbia always thought of herself as someone who would smoke her entire life. As a pack-a-day smoker, Louise’s daily routine involves taking smoke breaks throughout the day.

That’s when she found Run to Quit. The program pairs the expertise of two organizations, the Canadian Cancer Society and the Running Room and incorporates learning to run or walk 5 km while at the same time quitting smoking. Louise registered for the virtual training option.

“My Run to Quit virtual training coach would send me weekly readings about running and quitting smoking. I would sit down at the start of each week and create a weekly plan. If I had any questions, I would shoot off an email and my coach would get back to me quickly,” says Louise. “His support and my quit plan was essential to me quitting smoking”.

Run to Quit also helped Louise overcome her quit smoking fear. “My biggest concern with quitting smoking was that it would make me frantic and emotionally out of control. Run to Quit helped me stay focused and the running helped me overcome my cravings and emotions,” says Louise.

Louise successfully quit smoking on April 4th, 2016, completed a 5 km run and is now training for a half marathon.