Run to quit


What is Walk or Run to Quit?

Walk or Run to Quit is a Canadian Cancer Society and Running Room partnership program that uses walking or running to help people quit smoking. Over the course of 10 weekly sessions, Training Program participants get step by step instructions to learn to walk or run 5 k plus practical quit smoking resources. Incentive draw prizes are part of the program for both smokers and their support Buddies.

Why Walk or Run to Quit?

Walking and running makes quitting smoking easier by taking the edge off cravings and withdrawal symptoms while giving smokers a positive outlet for stress. The social and peer support of group training are the key reasons participants succeed in sticking to their goals. When employees get active and become smoke-free, the workplace also benefits through improved employee health, increased productivity, greater job satisfaction, better corporate image and reduced costs. Walk or Run to Quit provides practical support around the top 2 modifiable cancer risk factors:

  • physical activity
  • smoking

How it works?

Coach-led, 10-week training programs are offered In-Store at local Running Rooms across Canada or through a self-directed, web-based, Virtual program. Virtual group training can be set up and customized to your workplace for groups of 10 of more people. For smokers who don’t want walk / run instruction, there is also a free Train on Your Own option.

How to get started?

Promote Walk or Run to Quit to EVERYONE in your organization.

  1. Send an email blast to employees
  2. Share our social media messages
  3. Set up a Virtual Group Training Program for 10+ employees who want to Walk or Run to Quit.

Posters and other promotional tools as well as information on how to set up a Virtual Group Training Program customized to your workplace can be obtained from: A local Canadian Cancer representative

For information email the The Walk or Run to Quit Team Email: