Run to quit

Prize Winners

Congratulations to all Walk or Run to Quit graduates who have successfully quit smoking and have walked or run a 5 km event. You have made big strides to a healthier you and should be very proud of your accomplishments.

Walk or Run to Quit is proud to announce the winners of the Walk or Run to Quit Contest. On behalf of the Canadian Cancer Society, Running Room and Public Health Agency of Canada congratulations to:

  • Prize Winners 2018

    Winter round: $1000

    • Cheryl Stinson, Saskatchewan

      TOYO Participant

    Spring round: iPad Pro

    • Michelle Allen, Ontario

      TOYO Participant

    Spring round: iPad

    • Kristy Mc Lennan, Ontario

      In-store Buddy participant

    Fall round: iPad Pro

    • Could this be you? TBD

  • Prize Winners 2017

    GRAND PRIZE WINNER - 2017 Honda Civic LX Coupe

    Melanie Lewis, Edmonton Alberta

    Do it Yourself Program participant
    (A Honda Civic LX Coupe courtesy of Wheaton Honda, Edmonton)

    Read her story...

    $2000 Winner

    • Ivy Tennis, Red Deer, Alberta

      DIY Participant

    • Nichole Dupuis, Nipigon, Ontario

      DIY Participant

    • Rodney Pettenuzzo, Carlisle, Ontario

      In-store Training Program participant, Burlington, Ontario

    $1000 Winner

    • Ruel Cardinoza, British Columbia

      DIY participant

    • Julia Horn, Edmonton, Alberta

      In-Store Training Program participant

    • Anne Bailey, Regina, Saskatchewan

      In-store Training Program participant

    • Molly Learn, Manitoba

      DIY participant

    • Karen Bhasin, Ontario

      DIY participant

    • Nadia Brousseau, Quebec

      DIY participant

    • Kendra Remanda, Nova Scotia

      DIY participant

    • Diane Beaulieu, New Brunswick

      DIY participant

    • Ashley Wiley, Prince Edward Island

      DIY participant

    • Amy Heffernan, Newfoundland

      DIY participant

    Fall Round: $1000

    • Laura Im, Ontario

      DIY Participant

    2017 Early Registration Contest – Fitbit

    Allison Bain, Toronto, Ontario

    Bonus and Incentive Prizes

    • Shannon Corrigan, Sudbury, Ontario

      $1000 Spring 2017 Round, DIY Participant

    • Alexander Stephens, Cobourg, Ontario

      $1000 Winter 2017 Round, DIY Participant

    • Martin Stone, Toronto, Ontario

      $1000 UBC Survey, DIY Participant

  • Prize Winners 2016


    Kathryn Walks, British Columbia

    In-Store Training Program participant

    $1000 Winner

    • Jessica Therrien, Sudbury, Ontario

      Commit to Quit participant

    • Adam McInnis, London, Ontario

      Commit to Quit participant

    • Gary Anand , Mississauga, Ontario

      Commit to Quit participant

    • Graham Gare, London, Ontario

      Commit to Quit participant

    • Gordon Arai, Vancouver, British Columbia

      Commit to Quit participant

    • Amanda Murray, Whitby Ontario

      Fall Session DIY Participant

    $250 Winner for UBC Survey

    Laurie Dube, Calgary, Alberta


    Linda Hollingshead, Collingwood, Ontario