Run to quit


Help your students & staff get smoke-free & active

Schools across Canada are going smoke-free to foster a healthy campus environment. Encourage your students, faculty and staff to quit smoking by increasing their physical activity levels and establishing long-term healthy behaviours. The ready-made promotional tools make it easy to promote Walk or Run to Quit across your campus.

How to tell your students/staff about Walk or Run to Quit:

    Promote Walk or Run to Quit!
  • Create buzz with students by sharing Walk or Run to Quit in newsletters, on your school website and at special events
  • Put up posters around campus
  • Designate a champion for the Walk or Run to Quit program as a special project for health and communications courses
    Host Your Own Walk or Run Club!
  • Organize a run or walk club for participants to make optimal use of the weekly Walk or Run to Quit curriculum
  • Give people the opportunity for regular physical activity, social support and stress management
  • Being with others makes physical activity easier and more fun!
    Order Resources & Learn more:
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